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What Our Client Focus Approach Means For You

April 15, 2016


At Manhattan Ridge Advisors, we specialize in strategies for building, protecting, and transferring wealth efficiently.  We believe the key to creating wealth-management strategies that truly fit, is building personal relationships with our clients. That is why we make it our commitment to put you first with our client-focused service model.


It all starts with listening. We welcome conversation, and consider it to be the foundation to building trust and growing our relationship. Whether it’s the way you take your coffee, where your children attend school, or your golf handicap; we remember details about your life you share with us. Once we start our conversation, it continues and develops over time, as the key to our client-focused model is ongoing, responsive communication.


By always focusing on the client we present you with the unique opportunity to fast-forward into your own future, five, ten, even twenty years from now. We see the importance of the details offered by each of our clients and translate them into indicators of action. We pay attention to your habits and hobbies so that we can set you on a path to a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.  We keep track of how many children you have and their progress in school so that we can help you plan for the cost of college or the purchase of their first car.


Our client-focused model allows us to identify cause and effect relations within your financial life, and in turn, we show you how your choices today can have an impact on your financial future. We use tools to visualize “what if” scenarios and evaluate all kinds of financial options for you, helping you to make the best decisions for a bright future. Forward thinking is what smart planning is all about, and we invite you to look forward to the future, together, with us.


Listening closely to your visions for your financial future enables us to design and manage your portfolio, choosing the specific investments that we believe have the greatest potential to achieve your objectives in light of your risk tolerance. Once you approve the plan and we implement it, you receive an in-depth portfolio analysis every quarter that includes recent transactions, quarterly and historical performance, and a detailed schedule of investments held.


Our mission is to achieve outstanding, long-term investment results for our clients through personalized plans that reflect their financial needs, acceptable risk parameters, and investment time frames. We consistently work toward that goal by putting our clients first, today and every day. A financial plan should be created and implemented to enable you to invest on your terms, and that is exactly what our client-focused model allows us to do for you. For more information, visit