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Think Beyond the Raise: 3 Tips for Requesting Benefits from Your Boss

Think Beyond the Raise: 3 Tips for Requesting Benefits from Your Boss

October 12, 2018

Life in the Big Apple can be complex and busy. With all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to lose focus on your career and its growth. Of course, you can focus on the obvious things such as hours worked and the expansion of responsibilities. It is also easy to recognize advancement when you are offered a new position, but are you keeping track of the overall benefits offered to you along with advancement? In some cases, advancement doesn't represent career growth if your wages remain stagnant and the benefits you're offered never change. While it is easy to focus on your paycheck, it's important to think beyond the raise you may be offered and investigate other changes in benefits. As you do this, keep these helpful tips in mind when speaking with your boss about benefits.


Focus on a Package, Rather than Multiple Requests 

It's difficult to get what you want from your boss if you are continually coming in with requests for better benefits. Plain and simple, making multiple requests can get annoying and makes you appear as though you are unorganized. It may even appear to your boss that you simply don't know what you want in terms of benefits. Rather than making multiples requests, take the extra time to look at all the available benefits you'd like improved and make a package request.

US News & World Report points out that a holistic view of your compensation package makes it easier to get more of what you're hoping for in the end. With multiple moving parts in play, rather than a singular request for a raise (for example), you have leverage during negotiations with your boss to play a game of give and take. In the end, you're likely to get more of the benefits you want by focusing on a package of benefits in one negotiation.


Looking at a New Job? Ask Upfront

Strategic planning is important when negotiating for benefits as well. While you will have the opportunity to discuss improved benefits if you're offered a promotion, the best time to negotiate typically comes during the hiring process. If you're looking for a new job, you have leverage during the hiring process to ask for better benefits if you shine through as the best candidate for the employer. As the best candidate, employers are more likely to give you a little extra. This is especially important if you find that you are making less money, but might be able to cover that gap with greater benefits coverage

If you're already on the job, timing still matters. The best time to make a package request for better benefits is ahead of an annual review. To increase the likelihood of success, plan and submit your ideas six months in advance so your employer can investigate the feasibility of meeting those requests and adjust to make those requests a reality.

Show that Benefits Work for Both Sides 

Finally, make the case for your requested benefits by highlighting the way good benefits can work for both sides. Paychex notes that offering employees valuable benefits deserving of their status in the company makes you feel valued as an employee, boosts retention for the company, and lowers costs associated with turnover.

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