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Best High-End gifts for the Business Man

Best High-End gifts for the Business Man

December 08, 2017

Let's face it, men love their tech gadgets. From the latest in flat-screen TV technology to wireless headphones and smartphone apps, there is nothing out there in the tech world that is boring to young professional guys. With new products introduced seemingly nonstop, there are high-end gifts out there that every business man would love to have in his bag. Whether he is just starting out with a small startup or landed a nice job in Silicon Valley, here are a few gadgets and accessories that any guy could use for his transition into the real world.


Bags and Accessories

There is nothing worse than showing up to the first day at a new job with an old, worn backpack, ratty gym bag, or sad looking laptop case slung over the shoulder. For the professional man in your life, a brand-new bag can make all the difference in the world. Is he a fitness buff? Esquire recommends the Studio Bag from Caraa Sport. It looks professional and tidy, but he can throw even the rattiest looking gym clothes in and hang it in the locker at work or in the gym.


Candles and Fragrances

 You might be thinking; "what does a guy care about candles and scents?" Well, you might be surprised. A candle for the desk at work, a bottle of cologne, or even a manly scent to help wind down at home after a long day of work can make all the difference. Take ManCans for example. This company uses natural ingredients to create truly manly candle scents that range from Cigar and Campfire to the smell of a new leather baseball glove: New Mitt.


 Ties and Socks

 College guys are not always known for having the best fashion sense when it comes to the professional world. This one is particularly helpful for those fresh faces in the workforce. Dads and grandpas get a good chuckle out of ties and socks, but this gift might just help push your young professional guy over the top. Want to keep it lighthearted? Get him a gag gift of socks; at least it shows you care!


 Headphones and Gadgets

Working in cubicle farms can be a little overwhelming from a sensory standpoint. If you want to help your young professional guy stay focused and find his Zen during the day, get him a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These will come in handy if that new job has him jet-setting across the country or around the globe on a regular basis.


 Notebooks and Personalized Gifts

Inspiration comes to guys in all sorts of places, and a nice notebook gives them a handy place to write down their thoughts during a business day at the office or while they are stuck in the daily commute. You can build upon this with embossed pens or other smaller gifts which are personalized. Like a gag gift, but better, these really show that you care.


The holiday shopping season is right around the corner. So, whether he is just starting out and you want him to hit the ground running successfully in a new role, or you need a good stocking stuffer, think about some of these high-end gifts for the business man in your life.

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