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3 Ways to Help You Create a Balance Between Your Work and Your Leisure Time

February 13, 2020

We have all struggled with finding enough time in the day to get everything accomplished before we collapse, exhausted in bed, only to repeat the same thing in the morning. Sometimes our last thoughts before drifting off to sleep, are concerning the nearly unanswerable: how do we enjoy the life we are working so hard to maintain?

Some say this “work/life balance” is so elusive; it might not exist in any realistic way. The world of professional careers can be demanding, competitive, and as a result, hugely time-consuming. We are overextended, stressed, and exhausted.

The amount of time we dedicate to our employers can affect every aspect of our lives. It consumes our thoughts, and it creeps into the delicate fabric of our inter-personal relationships. No study has ever found a sure-fire way of “having it all,” but there are some great ideas that might help tip the scales in favor of enjoying your life, just enough to make it all worthwhile.


Today’s modern world allows for a lot of things people did not have the option to do in the past. This is a bit of a double-edged sword. There is an “expectation of availability” that is imposed upon us by simply always having a cell phone near-by, and we all do have them. Work can contact us, no matter the hour, no matter the location. This can lead to a lot of unpaid hours and disrupted leisure activities. How can we turn this problem on its head and use it to our advantage?

It’s called telecommuting, and it can make a huge impact on the quality of our lives.

It makes sense that if our employers can contact us at any time, in any location, then we, too, can WORK at any hour and in any location. If you have access to a strong Wi-Fi signal, there are probably a lot of daily tasks that can be done from a distance. Telecommuting allows us to set our work schedule, avoid the overwhelming stress of commuting and provides the opportunity to enjoy the personal spaces that we create outside of work. It gives us more availability to our loved ones and gives us a more “hands-on” role with aspects of our lives that take a higher priority in our hearts.



Say “No”

Learning to refuse added responsibilities or unwanted socializing goes a long way in opening your life to more enjoyment. If you are in a domestic relationship, make sure that chores are being divided evenly between all parties to ensure no one is overextended or feeling resentful.


Make Plans

Sometimes, the simple act of planning a future event can go a long way to enjoying your life. The time we spend dreaming of travel and adventure is time spent enjoying our thoughts and efforts. Take 10 minutes out of every day to sit down and investigate airfares, hotels, long drives, or enjoying live entertainment. Creating and scheduling activities that make our lives fuller and more rewarding is the first step toward finding balance. The second step is to follow through on those plans, so while enjoying the process of dreaming, make sure your expectations are within reason and attainable. To continue enjoying the act of dreaming, we must also be rewarding ourselves with that dream at the end.

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