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3 High Tech Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

3 High Tech Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

December 10, 2019

It’s always a challenge to find the balance between gift-giving and smart financial decision making, especially at this time of year. People tend to overdo a lot of things during the holidays, and spending is number one. What is not a challenge is finding truly fantastic, high tech options for under $100. Below is a list of 5 of the best gifts for your tech-loving, special someone, that won’t break the bank. From dongles to home security, there is something fantastic for everyone.

Tile Pro and Tile Mate

This dynamic duo has all the improvements that Tile customers have been demanding while remaining below $40 for an individual device. A culmination of years of work, these latest releases appear to have addressed certain features in both hardware and software, which has been a concern for faithful users in the past.

The look and capabilities of this device have changed from the previous model, but the function remains the same. You attach the Tile to any item, and it connects with an iOS or Android device (via Bluetooth) to locate a lost item or to monitor the location of an item. After you have activated the device, it can ping those missing car keys and even has a unique crowd-sourced Community Find feature for more complicated items like lost wallets. Tile will even work oppositely. You tap Tile’s button, and it prompts the host device to alert you, which is extremely handy when you can find your keys but can’t find your phone.

Another great change in these items is the added battery door. Now, when your battery runs down, you can change the cell yourself, with little difficulty. The new Mate also now has a 150-foot Bluetooth range, while the Pro has doubled to 300 feet. Locating has become simpler, and alarms have become louder. The Mate runs for approximately $25, and The Pro goes for $35.


 Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Super easy to use and incredibly affordable, the Mi Home Security Camera sees and records motion in any room, locally. The local recording feature translates into not having to pay for extra cloud storage, and the device will even alert you when it has something to record. 

This techy gem gives the user peace of mind while also offering a stylish and discreet design that can be easily mounted on a wall. In addition to that, the camera has 360-degree rotation, and infrared backed night vision. At only $34, the Mi Home Security Camera offers a whole lot of peace of mind for a very small investment.


OBD2 Dongle Blue Driver

If you are looking for the perfect thing to spend $100 on, the OBD2 Dongle, Blue Driver, is for you. The name means On-Board Diagnostics, Version 2, and every car should have it. This computer system isn’t new, it has actually been built into every vehicle since the ’80s, but this dongle allows you to access a car’s computer, and then it tells you exactly what might be wrong. By utilizing a Bluetooth signal, information is sent directly to your smartphone in real-time. This allows you to be aware of all issues your car might be developing and allows you to address those issues before they become a real problem. 

The device also has a notification feature that immediately gives you valuable information like why your check-engine light might have gone on.  If the problems are simple ones, it goes on to instruct you on how to resolve the problem on your own. If the device finds that you have a problem needing a professional, it will not only suggest places to bring the car for repairs, as well as directions to get there from your current location. Probably the best part (and the part that people will use the most), is a monitor for your driving habits that makes suggestions on how to improve gas mileage.

People who know about cars and people who don’t, can both glean an enormous amount of benefits from owning this piece of technology, and at $99.95, no one will regret having the OBD2 Dongle Blue Driver in their car.